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Letter from a client

Dear Hilary,
You have changed my life. I know that sounds so corny, but it’s true. I just wanted to let you know and thank you.

I was completely lost before I found your website. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship; he was totally wrong for me! And I didn’t know what to do. Work wasn’t going well either, everyone but me was getting promoted. Even my friendships weren’t right, it felt like I always gave more than they did. Seriously, everything sucked. Then I scheduled a reading with you.

I was totally skeptical at first to be honest. I thought, “why would she do this so cheap? There must be a catch.” And when you offered your program to me at the end I was like, “there’s the catch.”

But it sounded so amazing and like exactly what I needed. So, I decided to go for it. Best. Decision. Ever. I am completely different from who I was before and it’s all because of you. Those videos really changed me. I never thought just a video could do that. Why did I waste so many years in therapy?!

Everyone in my life noticed a change in me. I became confident and you know what? I was able to move on from relationships that didn’t serve me and start new ones with better people who actually respect me! I met a new man, he’s divine! I got a promotion at work and my new group of friends is amazing! Seriously, thank you.

I had done programs like this before, or so I thought. But working with you was totally different. You made it so easy to understand what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. You helped me learn to love myself and I am so grateful.

I hope you keep offering this program forever, it only took 90 days to completely change my life. Anyone who tries it will have amazing results, I’m so sure of it. I was a mess. Like seriously, a hot mess. And now I am freaking fabulous.

So, thank you again, just thank you thank you thank you! I am a perfect example of how awesome your program is. I’m telling everyone about it! My new friend Jen is going to be calling you soon!

Your forever friend,

Just a taste of what this entails

  •  Runes:  unlock the Ancients
  • Numerology:  unlock Nature
  • Astrology: unlock the Stars
  • Video lessons
  • Worksheets and guides
  • Feedback on your progress
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